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Season 1

From 2007, Stéphane increasingly specialised in audiovisual adaptation and subtitling of documentaries, series, animated films, cartoons and other programmes. Anne-Laure started to proofread his work, and this duo’s working process shaped quite naturally the idea of forming more than a couple: a real team of professionals.

Season 2

When she met Stéphane, Anne-Laure was 23 and had just completed a Secondary School English Teaching Certificate (CAPES) in Nantes. This followed a 3 year-degree in English language, literature and civilization, specialised in literary translation – Option in French (literature and language) – Option in German (Language and civilization), and a year spent in Cheshire as a foreign language assistant. She was then a young secondary teacher working near Amiens, far from her native Brittany, and immediately fell for the man who would rock her world: Stéphane.

spécialiste en adaptation
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Season 3

After two years in Amiens, she obtained a transfer to join Stéphane in Lyon. She then started an exciting dual career: teaching English in a secondary school full-time, and a lot of proofreading and translation. As an experienced proofreader and corrector, she provided a different perspective. Her expertise in the French language, her proficiency in English, was the perfect complement to Stéphane’s work. They have worked on a large variety of different subjects and media: TV series, short films, even a feature-length film that opened at the Sundance Festival.

Anne-Laure and Stéphane are now settled in Saint-Nazaire on the West coast of France. With the great quality of life, it offered the perfect location to raise their two daughters, and helped to make their dream come true when setting up Babelwest Traduction in August 2016.

They love working together on a wide variety of format that have so far included documentary adaptations (voice-over), football or golf programmes, for Viceland : Noisey, Needles and Pins, Balls Deep (season 2), Bong Appétit, and for Netflix : Cheer Squad (4 episodes), The Keepers (the whole series), American Vandal (the whole series), Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold, Shot in the dark (the whole series), among others.

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